This a manual for revealjs based slide

This repo is for Roger's slides. All the slides are based on revealjs and is converted by pandoc. To use this repo, simply clone the repo to your local computer and type in the command line:

user@localhost:~{path-to-the-repo}/slides/ ./gen 

Then it will automatically generate slides from markdown files in _contents.

or you can use the Julia script to generate files:

user@localhost:~{path-to-the-repo}/slides/ julia gen.jl


each frame is marked by #:

# (new frame title)
        # another frame
        ## smaller title

frame configuration

configuration should be included in {}

  • id :: frame id begin with #,eg. {#this-is-a-frame-id}
  • background :: data-background, eg.{data-background="#DAA520"}
  • background transition :: data-background-transition,eg.{data-background-transition="slide"}
  • fragment start with > -,eg.

    > - fragment 1
            > - fragment 2
            > - fragment 3

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