The Quantum Computation Simulation Framework

Roger Luo

What's Kebab?

Kebab is a opensource simulation framework for quantum computation written in Julia language.Kebab aims to realize quantum algorithm simulation in different level(eg.hardware level/software level/...) under different computation model and provide useful support for experiments.

Why Kebab?

Cause the framework is based on quantum circuit. All the operations are written into a quantum-gate-like module. And quantum circuit looks like a kebab.

Why Julia

Julia is a fast and effient dynamic language support lots of modern technologies. eg. cothread,distribution computation,cloud computation...

What can Kebab do?

Kebab have serveral functions at present

  • qunatum circuit simulation
  • basic quantum gates,eg. Hadamard gate,Pauli gates,C-NOT...
  • adiabatic quantum computation simulation
  • deamo-like cooling module
  • quantum fourier transformation

What's on the to-do list?

  • quantum error correction
  • Shor algorithm
  • one-way computation model
  • topological quantum computation
  • performance optimization
  • quantum circuit optimization
  • quantum deep learning
  • ...

Some Basic Examples


Some basic concepts

Exact Cover Problem

The Exact Cover problem is about a sequence of clause for n-bits

C1 ∧ C2 ∧ …CM

each clauses involves 3 bits,and the question is what kind of value can these n bits satisfy this sequence of clause?

Adiabatic Computation

First a Hamiltonian can be constructed as following:
H(s)=(1 − s)HB + s ⋅ HP 0 ≤ s ≤ 1

$$ H_B^{(i)} = \frac{1}{2}(1-\sigma_{x}^{(i)})\quad with\quad \sigma_x^{(i)}=\begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1\\ 1 & 0 \end{pmatrix} $$

HB = ∑HB(i)

HP, C(|z1⟩|z2⟩⋯|zn⟩) = hC(ziC, zjC, zkC)|z1⟩|z2⟩⋯|zn

Cost Function

The function hC is called cost function

for example,

$$ h_C = \begin{cases} 0 \quad \text{if the clause is satisfied}\\ 1 \quad \text{if the clause is violated} \end{cases} $$

whose concept is actually the same with classical search algorithms.

How does the Adiabatic Computation Work?

According to the adiabatic theorm, if the evolution is slow enough,the ground state can be kept during the evolution.

Back to our Hamiltonian Again

take s as t/T,where t is the current time and T is the evolution time.
H = (1 − t/T)HB + t/T ⋅ HP

At the begining

H is actually HB,and the ground state of HB is designed to Bell state.

Arrives the final

H becomes HP, and we get the ground state of HP, which is the answer to a given problem.Even the problem does not actually have an answer, the algorithm can find the best-match answer.

by this APIs offered by Kebab.We can easily simulate how a adiabatic quanutm computer work on a 3-EC problem.

A 7-bits System

System Statement

H = AdiaSystem([TruthTable(0b10010111,[1,2,3]),

Operate the Adiabatic Evolution

eigens = TimeEvoModule!(state,Hs,1;dt=1e-2)

Plot the Eigen Energy


There's a big flaw of adiabatic computation model. The eigen energy of Hamiltonian should not cross during the evolution, or the result cannot be garanteed as ground state.

Here comes the cooling!

We use the cooling module near places that ground state is close to other eigen values.To help it keep ground state.

For a time reason, We do not test other condition.

Quantum Circuit Computation

Quantum circuit computation is an important model in quantum computation.

Let's do this with an example

Quantum Fourier transformation

Kebab offers single qubit gates and double qubit control gates.

some commonly used gates have already have wrappers,eg.

#Hadamard gate
function Hadamard(state::AbstractVector,ID::Integer)

#Controled R_k gate
function C_R_k(

we use this two gates to build the quantum circuit of quantum fourier transformation

For a single qubit

function SingleQubitQFT!(state::AbstractVector,bitID::Integer)
    state_len = length(state)
    bit_num = Int(log2(state_len))

    @assert bitID<=bit_num "bit ID out of bounds"
    for i=1:(bitID-1)
    return state

For every bit

function QFT!(state::AbstractVector)
    state_len = length(state)
    bit_num = Int(log2(state_len))

    i = bit_num
    while i>0
    return state

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