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This blog is changed to hexo engine (previously it’s jekyll). The reason I changed my blog engine is that hexo seems faster and I’m planning to move this site to a VPS rather than host it as a static site on github pages.

Blog Name

Roger Luo’s Catidal (2015.12~2016.10)

The name, “Roger Luo’s Catidal” came from the city Catidal in the novel: The Song of Ice and Fire, where all the masters come from. I was hoping to make this blog a personal library, a collection of my notes and thoughts.

Half Integer (2016.10~present)

Actually, there wasn’t much posts on this blog before Oct. this year. I was deep in some personal grief and busy with internship in the lab… After this summer, I finally decided to work on topic related to quantum computing and quantum information. After I was back from the swarma club’s workshop, I found I need to systemize things I learnt from google scholar and youtube course videos. (We do not have much courses related to quantum computing in USTC at present, and so does machine learning, people learnt them from their supervisor or research group…) Those knowledege has connections but it’s not really clear in my mind, which became an obstacle when I disscuss ideas with other in the workshop.

Therefore, I decided to focus on share what I know on this blog, though, there is not much reader at present. But sharing knowledge helps you learning things well.

The name, “Half Integer”, came from the quantum state in quantum computing. For example, \(|0\rangle+|1\rangle\) (I’ll leave the amplitute unnormalized for convenience), or maybe a larger quantum state \(|0110101\rangle+|1001111\rangle\), they are not actually representing an exact binary integer, that how this name came.

And this name sounds cool, isn’t it? (well, at least I think so XD).

So, well, it becomes a place I share my life and mainly research related life perhaps. But why not on facebook or zhihu? Well, I have accounts on zhihu and there are some articles and answer and probably about 700 followers. But long live open source!


The theme is a modified version of the clean blog theme in hexo


  • self-adapted cover with background-image in index.html
  • add multi-language support
  • add mathjax support
  • add shared links in the footer part as : click to see Roger Luo’s friends by bootstrap.js
  • add Wechat icon
  • disqus comment service is changed to duoshuo comment service in order to fix the blocked disqus service in the mainland of China.

TODOs: - Site search - Dynamic image loading - Better English support for comments (not sure if duoshuo has such APIs) - Dynamic hints for equations (like Neilson’s deeplearning tutorial, I guess) - A pure cover page, rather than mix up post list and cover. - RSS? maybe.