Roger Luo Research Assistant, UWaterloo

About me

I am currently a research assitant at University of Waterloo. You can download my cv here

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Quantum Information, Computer Science, Condensed Matter Physics

I am quite interested in finding the ground state of a quantum hamiltonian recently. I also write softwares and libraries for researchers and myself.



My favorite language is Julia at the moment. I also use Python, C/C++ quite often. I also writes CUDA for GPUs sometimes. I don't and won't use Fortran and R.

For editors, I use code more often, but I also use sublime and vim. Emacser, BITE ME.


hiking cooking kungfu painting

Besides research, I also do painting, hiking and Kungfu (Bagua Zhang). I was once on the way to becoming a professional painter, but I chose physics later. I am born in Urumqi, the center of Asia. The cover background is the mountain right behind my hometown. I love cooking, I can cook a lot dishes myself.

I also write articles and answers on the zihhu (Chinese version of Quora). Follow me here